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20 Best Human Rights Day 2021 Slogans

20 Best Human Rights Day2021 Slogans: International Human Rights Day is observed across the world on 10 December every year. The purpose of observing Human Rights Day is to make people aware of their rights. Human rights include the right to health, economic, social, and education. Human rights are fundamental rights that cannot be denied to a human being on the basis of race, caste, nationality, religion, gender, etc. The Constitution of India guarantees human rights.
20 Best Human Rights Day 2021 Slogans
The right to education in India is under this guarantee. Let us tell you, in India the Human Rights Act came into force on 28 September 1993 and the government constituted the National Human Rights Commission on 12 October. Human rights mean to give to human beings all those rights, which are related to the life, liberty, equality, and dignity of the individual.Here is the collection of Human Rights Day slogans. With influential World Human Rights Day slogans, you can celebrate this wonderful day on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

Catchy Human Rights Day Slogans in English (Human Rights Day 2021 Slogans)

Human Rights Day2021 Slogans

  • Human rights come first.
  • Treat all humans equally.
  • Everyone deserves equality.
  • Stand united for human rights.
  • Human race is the only race.
  • Human rights are mandatory.
  • Discrimination is killing equality.
  • Discrimination should be stopped.
  • World will be a better place with human rights.

Human Rights Day 2021 Slogans

Human Rights Day2021 Slogans

  • No human should be without his rights.
  • God makes us equal then why discriminate.
  • Say on to special privileges for some.
  • Human rights promise a better world.
  • Respect human rights for a better life.
  • Peace and human rights go hand in hand.
  • Violating human rights is a threat to a nation.
  • Countries progress better with equal human rights.
  • Human rights are the best way to correct human wrongs.
  • Equal rights and equal opportunities promise great growth.

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